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14 Compelling Reasons to Use a Relationship Coach

The coaching relationship is unique and powerful, and really can help you find fulfillment in your life and relationships. Below are some important reasons to use a Relationship Coach, any ONE of which is compelling enough to get your very own coach TODAY. You Value...

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Rules of the Road for Effective Communication

Nobody likes conflict, yet the most innocent words or actions can result in an argument, even with the best of intentions. Don’t wait for your next argument- read this article now to learn nine “Rules of the Road” for effective communication and conflict resolution in...

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How to be True Partners for Life

What does a fulfilling life partnership look like? How does it work? What makes it successful? Few of us can answer these questions with clarity. Most of us want a fulfilling life partnership and have little idea of how to create one. Even couples in successful...

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About Akeh Bernardine

Building a better society through lasting marriages. I am dedicated in helping you to transform your life and relationship and to see you settled in a lasting relationship. Born and raised with nothing but with a desire to give hope and a brighter life for women, their children and families. I’m proud to have touched the lives of many women by working within voluntary and statutory agencies. Through our online programs, we help mature women like you: To choose and settle with their soul mates in a caring, loving and lasting relationships, within the shortest period of time. Who have gone through a series of failed relationships, to break the cycle as soon as possible and get …

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